Escape The House is proud to present one of the first ultimate real life gaming experience combined with live props, we are the first ones in Canada to have taken the Escape Room experience to another level.  Our specific rooms are designed to submerge you into reality of the scenario with live props and puzzles.  By stimulating your emotions and your brain our escape rooms are designed to provide you a fun, teambuilding, educational, memorable, intellectual, out of the box exhilarating experience that you can imagine.

Are you ready to be tested?  Do you dare to accept the challenge?


Take 45 minutes of your time with your partner, friends, family or colleagues to take the challenge and can you...escape to talk about it?


By utilizing your skills at hand, teamwork and your brain to decipher brainteasers all within a countdown time limit...Then the true questions is:

“Can you Escape The house?!!!”